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Safe Movers

Cube Movers: Your Safe Moving Experts

Cube Movers Singapore knows how to move a safe properly. Our professional, safe movers take every precaution and use specialized tools and equipment to move your safe without damage.

The most reason for home use security isn’t to hide your valuable possessions but to form they ensured from any pry assaults. If you’re trying to find a discreet and professional, secure moving and delivery service, you’ve come to the proper place. We will take the utmost care and provide good service while moving your safe anywhere across Singapore.

Our highly-trained safe moving teams are authorized, reinforced, background checked, and insured safe moving professionals who have the information and tools to move any safe properly. Whether you would like a safe moved from a business, residence, or commercial, our safe moving specialist got you.

How Does Our Service Work?



We make sure that your safe will fit its new place. We help you measuring and understanding the new location for your safe. We check all the stuff needed and select the right size of moving truck to your safe, and our moving experts discuss every path to be transparent during the move. Our safe movers will check for the obstacles such as stairs, unpaved surfaces, steps, and tight turns.



After the site visit, Cube Movers representative will send and discuss the scope of our quotation. We will provide you with a detailed quote indicating the price and any contingencies. Our estimate is based on the weight of the safe and the location of the move. These include information such as make, model size, and weight of the safe.



Confirm your quotation through email, and our representative will keep in touch with you immediately to ask your most convenient time and schedule your move.



Our trained safe movers will work hand-in-hand to unload and set up your safes. The team performs every step well with precision and care during the move. We also help you place your safe on the most aesthetic and space-efficient view. Cube Movers will dispatch a safe moving team with state-of-the-art equipment for the moving needs.



It pays to hire the assistance of trained, authorized safe moving crews to do the work for you. Cube Movers ensures that your safe is located in the right location you directed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Safe Moving

Yes, we know how dangerous and difficult it can be for a homeowner or small business owner to move safely. As trained professional movers, we have the right tools, the proper training and the right experience to move safes and other large, heavy items properly to avoid the risk of injury or accidents.

To help the movers get an idea of the item’s size and assess the difficulty to move, you can measure your safe before calling safe movers. While driving or moving your safe, we may need to tilt your safe for access and secure it during transport – emptying your safe is always best. If your safe is bolted to the floor or the wall, we will need easy access to the bolts. Clear a path to the safe; we will ensure we have plenty of working space to move the safe. If you are moving the safe from room to room, decide on a location and a backup location. Measure doorways if we are not completing a walk throughway. This is to ensure the safe will fit through with space on either side. Always let us know if stairs are involved

If you’re looking for professional safe mover in Singapore, contact Cube Movers today or fill out the form by clicking the link below.

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